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Ashley Roden, BCE at UPMA 2024 Spring Workshop

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Ashley Roden, BCE to Speak at UPMA 2024 Spring Workshop

Sprague’s QA & Technical Director, Ashley Roden, BCE will be speaking at the 2024 AMTOPP Conference.

10:15 AM – 11:15 AM

The Rat-chelor: A Roof Rat RomanceThe Rat-chelor: A Roof Rat Romance” is a unique training that guides participants through the world of roof rats, akin to the journey of finding true love on a reality show. Armed with essential tools like quality flashlights and blacklights, symbolizing the ‘roses’ of the Rat-chelor, attendees dive into identifying and inspecting the ‘suitors’ – the elusive roof rats. The training parallels the strategic planning and innovative techniques seen in reality TV dating, emphasizing the importance of understanding pest behavior, habitat, and effective control measures. It’s a journey through the ‘rose ceremonies’ of trapping and baiting, exploring various lures, rodenticides, and the criticality of trap placement.