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Sprague Super Meeting and Awards Gala

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Join us for the 2024 Sprague Super Meeting and Awards Gala

Sprague Super Meeting and Awards Gala 9

We are excited to announce the details for the 2024 Super Meeting & Awards Gala. This event is invitation only.

Award Nominations - Now Open!

Bernadette Treleven Top Administrator of the Year (BAC of the Year)

Description: The Bernadette Treleven Top Administrator Award recognizes the Branch Administration Coordinator who has shown excellence in their daily work.  This individual is someone who has gone above and beyond for their branch and their work has proven to them to be essential to their team’s success. This award honors the BAC who shows strength, leadership, and commitment in their role.

Applicable Positions: Branch Admin Coordinators ONLY

Nomination link: https://forms.office.com/r/X9rYLY7sBd 

Jeff Miller Operations Champion

Description: The Sprague Operations Champion Award recognizes an Operations team member who has consistently demonstrated excellence, reinforcing our dedication to providing the highest level of service, they uphold Sprague’s values, and exhibit outstanding leadership for their teams.  They actively seek innovative solutions for their branch and maintain and drive continuous improvement for their branch.

Applicable Positions: Operations Managers, Specialists, and Regional Project Managers

Nomination link: https://forms.office.com/r/X9rYLY7sBd

Alfred H. Treleven Home Office Champion

Description: Sprague’s Home Office Champion is a team member who has gone above and beyond over the course of the year in an effort to make Sprague great. The job of Sprague’s home office staff is to support and enable our teams in the field to grow the company and live our vision, to passionately provide uncompromising service. The Home Office Champion has in both large and small ways demonstrated both the passion and the drive articulated in our vision.

Applicable Positions: Any Home Office employee including IT, Accounting, People Operations, Operations Center, Marketing, Quality Assurance, and Regional Entomologist.

Nomination link: https://forms.office.com/r/X9rYLY7sBd

Event & Travel Details

Dress Code

  • Meetings: Business Casual Attire
    • Appropriate options include:
      • Khaki’s, slacks, or pants
      • Collared shirt, cardigan, polo, blouse, or vest
      • Skirt or dress
      • Closed-toed shoes
  • Gala: Formal Attire
    • Appropriate options include:
      • smart jacket or blazer
      • button-down shirt & tie
      • dress (knee-length or longer)
      • dark pants suit, skirt suit, or suit dress
      • Closed or open-toed shoes
  • NOT appropriate options:
    • Sprague tech uniforms
    • Denim/jeans
    • t-shirts or shirts without collars
    • Casual footwear such as flip-flops, sneakers, safety toe shoes, or sandals

Please contact marketing@spraguepest.com if you have questions. 


Travel Arrival & Departure

Recommended Arrival: TBD

Recommended Departure: TBD

Closest Airport: Sea-Tac International Airport

Please contact marketing@spraguepest.com if you have questions. 


Hotel Information

Silver Cloud Hotel Point Ruston 5125 Grand Loop Ruston, WA 98407
*Note: Please note that there are 2 SilverCloud hotels on the same road.  Please don’t go to the wrong address.

Sprague Employees: Home Office will arrange and book your hotel accommodations.

Sponsors: Discounted rooms can be purchased here. 

Check-in: 3pm.
Early Check-in: The SilverCloud will try to accommodate as many guests as possible for an early check-in.  Those that they cannot check-in early, SilverCloud will hold any luggage until later in the afternoon.
Check-out: 12pm.

Please contact marketing@spraguepest.com if you have questions. 



Sprague Employees and Honored Retirees: required to park Valet for meetings and gala.  Valet and tip will be covered by Sprague.

Sponsors: The Silver Cloud offers Valet parking at USD32 +tax/per vehicle added to the guest room (does not include gratuity).  Valet parking clearance is 7’0″.  Local attendees not staying overnight have the option of discounted valet of USD15 +tax/per vehicle for valet parking (does not include gratuity) and USD18 +tax/per vehicle for non-hosted parking.

Please contact marketing@spraguepest.com if you have questions. 



Set-up: Wednesday, February 14th 9 – 9:30am

Tear-down: Wednesday, February 14th 3 – 3:30pm

Tables are 6ft x18inches and are first come, first serve.

Please contact marketing@spraguepest.com if you have questions. 




Sponsorship Opportunities

Coming Soon December 1st!

Questions? Please contact Marketing, marketing@spraguepest.com