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[WEBINAR] Catching Rodents on Camera

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Speaker: Sprague Technical Manager Ashley Roden, MS, B.C.E.

Rodents are complex and cleaver creatures that can bedevil the most experienced pest management professional, quality assurance and property manager. Their ability to gain entry to structures through the most seemingly impenetrable or unlikely openings is uncanny.

Designing and successfully implementing an effective rodent management program can be a challenging task. It takes time and creativity – as you will see on the camera footage – to identify how rodents are accessing a structure and where they are traveling once inside.

The use of technology such as strategically placed cameras helps capture rodent activity and behavior 24/7 and in areas where access is an issue.

In this online seminar learn how Sprague Pest Solutions is deploying cameras in the fight against rodents and how this technology can benefit your rodent management efforts.

There is no charge to register for the online seminar.

About the Speaker

Ashley Roden, MS, B.C.E. is the technical manager at Sprague Pest Solutions.  Roden started with Sprague in 2013 as a route manager in the Seattle branch working on multiple high-profile accounts. She transitioned into Sprague’s technical department and is responsible for creating and leading Sprague’s innovative technical training programs.

A native of Georgia, Roden holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Environmental Health and Entomology from the University of Georgia. She is a member of the Pi Chi Omega professional fraternity and the Urban Pest Management Technical Committee.  Roden is also an active guest speaker at pest management conferences and workshops.