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[WEBINAR] Don’t Just Sit There! Learn Everything Quick Serve Restaurants Need to Know About Preventing Pests and Meeting Health Department Regulations

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Speakers: Sprague Regional Manager Lance Gray, A.C.E. and Entomologist Bobbie Orr, B.C.E.

A pest infestation can have a significant impact on a quick serve restaurant’s brand reputation, financial performance and ability to remain open for business. A single rodent, cockroach, or fly can cause of domino effect of issues from the contamination of food and putting customers at risk for food-borne diseases to being shut down by local health officials.

Sprague Pest Solutions’ Lance Gray, A.C.E. and Bobbie Orr, B.C.E. will discuss state health department regulations and review proven strategies for preventing and eliminating pests that threaten restaurants. Learn how to reduce the likelihood of a pest infestation through an Integrated Pest Management approach.  Learn more about Sprague’s disinfection services that add to the “stacking effect” of your facility’s pest management, cleaning and sanitation programs.

There is no charge to register for the webinar.

About the Speakers

Lance Gray, A.C.E. is the regional manager for Sprague Pest Solutions for southern Oregon and California. Bobbie Orr, B.C.E., is the regional entomologist supporting Sprague’s growing and diverse client base in California, Nevada and portions of Oregon.


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