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[WEBINAR] Have you heard the buzz? It’s Fly Season

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Speakers: Ashley Roden, B.C.E., Sprague regional entomologist and Brandon Cole, Sprague Boise branch manager

Flies are one of the first pests to emerge post-winter and preventing an infestation is an ongoing challenge. Flies are one of the most encountered pests in and around a business, especially in the summer months when temperatures and pest pressure rises.

Aside from being a being a nuisance, flies can spell trouble especially for food service outlets and food processing, healthcare, and hospitality facilities. Flies are wiling transmitters of diseases such as E. coli, salmonella, or listeria as they transfer harmful bacteria on food, food preparation or dining surfaces after feeding on waste materials.

Join Sprague regional entomologist Ashley Roden, B.C.E. and Boise branch manager Brandon Cole as they discuss fly behavior, biology, and habits, as well as strategies to prevent and eliminate fly infestations in and around your business.