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[WEBINAR] Stored Product Pests: The Unwanted Guest for Food Processors

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Sprague Regional Manager Jared Wallace and Jeff Weier, B.C.E.

A stored product pest infestation is no picnic for QA or facility managers. An active infestation in a grain mill, processing plant, bulk storage facility or grocery store can result in spoiled products, lost production time and sales, weakened customer confidence in your brand, and less than satisfactory third-party audit results.

An infestation can also lead to costly product recalls and additional un-budgeted expenses to replace spoiled products, deep cleaning of equipment, and additional pest management services to remediate the problem.

Join globally recognized stored product pest expert and Sprague consultant Jeff Weier, B.C.E. as he and regional manager Jared Wallace breakdown stored product pest behaviors and habits, highlight the risks stored product pests pose, share real-world examples of infestations gone sideways, and offer valuable information on how Sprague can help prevent them from threatening your facility.

There is no charge to register for the webinar.

About the Speakers

Jeff Weier, B.C.E. was technical director at Sprague Pest Solutions for nearly four decades before retiring in 2020. He is one of the foremost experts in stored product pest management practices and is the author of numerous articles and technical papers, as well as a frequent speaker at industry educational events. Jared Wallace is a regional manager for Sprague working out of the Pasco, Washington office service center. He has been with Sprague in a variety of frontline and management roles since 2002.