Falling Leaves, Don’t Mean Falling Pest Pressures

Every season brings new opportunities for pests to become an issue in pest management for commercial facilities. Summer is usually the most challenging time of year when it comes to pest pressures, but fall can also be problematic as your pest pressures change significantly when the weather starts to cool.

What can facility, QA and property managers do to prevent pests from getting into your facility this fall? Sprague’s pest prevention experts offer the following tips to deflate pest pressure and keep your facility pest-free:

  • Rodents are looking for warm and safe environments to ride out the winter. They will seek possible refuge through gaps or cracks in the exterior and will look to hide in storage areas as well as inside walls and insulation. Close up possible entry areas to prevent rodents and other pests from invading.
  • Remove vegetation from directly around your structure. Install an 18″ wide perimeter of crushed rock or gravel to deter pests that may be attracted to your property.
  • Keep stored items on palettes elevated off the floors to prevent insects and rodents from easily accessing these areas.
  • Dispose of cardboard boxes immediately when empty. Rodents use these boxes and any cardboard materials to build their nests.
  • Clean, clean, clean! Sanitation should be part of your everyday efforts anyway, but it is especially important for pest control. Clean as you go during your day, but schedule deep cleans as well for all machinery and equipment.

Sprague recommends partnering with our pest management service provider to prepare your commercial environment for the upcoming cooler weather and make it less attractive to pests in the future.

For more information on how Sprague Pest Solutions can design a customized pest prevention program for your facility, call 855.805.0755.

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