Get Your Fall/Winter Pest Forecast

Even though summer is prime pest season for commercial clients, pests don’t necessarily go away once the pumpkins are carved and the fall sweaters get brought out of storage. Many pests remain active well into the fall and winter season until temperatures stay below the 50-degree mark consistently. 

“Weather plays a critical role in the ability of pests to thrive all year long,” says Cindy Mannes, vice president of public affairs for the National Pest Management Association. “Understanding how pest pressure shifts as seasons changes allow commercial facilities and the pest professionals servicing them to better safeguarding customers, employees and products from pest-borne diseases.”

The National Pest Management Association recently released its 2016-17 Fall/Winter Bug Barometer and here is what is forecast for the Pacific Northwest and Mountain regions:

Pacific Northwest: The region experienced warmer and drier than usual conditions throughout the summer and while outdoor rodent populations might have leveled compared to previous years, cooler temperatures and other weather elements (rain, snow, etc.) will force rodents to seek refuge inside structures in search of more reliable food and shelter.

Mountain Region (Colorado and Utah): Anticipated milder winter weather will allow pests to remain active longer and extend the pest season. Although lower rainfall totals didn’t allow for significant growth of ant colonies, the search for moisture and shelter may drive ants (and other pests) indoors as temperatures drop and daylight shortens.

The Sprague Pest Experts encourage their clients to remain vigilant in their pest prevention programs and prevent unwanted pests from entering their facilities. For tips on how to keep pests on the outside looking in this fall, contact your Sprague pest representative.

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