Getting Rid of Bed Bugs in the Office

A 2015 study by National Pest Management Association and the University of Kentucky found that 99 percent of pest control professionals treated for bed bugs in the year prior with 45 percent reporting they have serviced office buildings for pesky bed bug infestations. How do you get rid of bed bugs in office buildings?

Sprague deploys the latest technology and treatment protocols to safely and effectively eliminate bed bugs in office settings. From canine inspections to targeted heat treatments, Sprague’s bed bug specialists have the proven methods to get the job done. Other tips include:

  • Vacuum and clean all areas including offices, hallways, lobbies, break rooms, storefronts and restrooms on a daily basis.
  • Train employees to notice the signs of bed bugs as they go about their daily duties. Pay close attention to the seams of furniture, mattresses, drapes and upholstery for telltale brownish or reddish spots. Bed bugs have also been known to infest electrical sockets, surge protectors and behind picture frames. Vigilance in spotting possible signs of bed bugs by employees is an important part of the control process.
  • Eliminate clutter – especially in storage areas – as they provide ideal harborage areas for bed bugs in office settings.
  • Carefully inspect all items and packaging when unpacking new inventory or receiving shipments for signs of bed bugs.
  • Encourage employees to report suspected bed bug activity immediately and alert your technician so they can conduct a thorough, professional inspection.
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