Getting your rat facts straight

When it comes to rats, the Sprague Pest Experts have assembled quite a dossier on these disease-carrying, food-spoiling, wire-chewing pests. There are two species of rats commercial facilities may be vulnerable to: the Norway rat and the Roof rat.

The aggressive Norway rat is more commonly encountered than its lofty counterpart. However, do not underestimate the Roof rat’s destructive capabilities. Roof rats often chew through insulation and wires and can threaten a building’s structural integrity.

The Sprague Pest Experts have assembled the following rat facts for your rat-education:

  • Rats living in urban areas normally live for five to 12 months.
  • Active rat burrows have a smooth, well-worn appearance at the entrances due to the high traffic volume.
  • Rats do not like sudden changes or new objects introduced into their environment. This behavior is known as “neophobia.”
  • Norway rats can range up to 450 feet from their nesting sites in search of food.
  • Norway rats are very adept swimmers and often use waterways (i.e. sewers) as a means of moving between feeding and harborage sites.

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