Hannah from the Home Office

In the six years that Hannah Siegertsz has been at the Home Office, she has worked with every department in a variety of capacities, including creating her own department. Hannah is our Call Center Manager. Her friendly, helpful team welcomes anyone who calls or reaches out to the company for assistance.

“I am at work five days out of the week and I am so blessed to work in such a safe and comfortable work environment. I love that Sprague allows for new ideas and innovation because I do not have to be afraid to share out of the box ideas. Sprague takes care of its employees and we are identified as who we are, not just another employee.”

Hannah has proven she’s willing to take on any challenge. When she’s not working, she’s at class or studying to get her MBA. She heads to crossfit three or four times a week and loves it! Hannah likes working on her home and tackling new projects, listening to music and singing. She also enjoys getting creative in the kitchen and inventing new recipes.



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