Honey Bees Create A Messy Problem For Homeowners

In Denver, Boulder and the surrounding areas of Colorado, warmer weather not only means more time spent outdoors with friends and family, it means the possibility of potentially painful encounters with honey bees.  Although honey bees tend to mind their own business as they conduct their work to make the wonderful, sweet substance many of us like to enjoy with tea and toast, if provoked, they can give a painful sting and they certainly are not a pest you want living in your home.

EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions, a Colorado pest control company, understands that honey bees are an important insect in nature as they work to pollinate our gardens.  Unfortunately when they construct hives in eaves, soffits, attics, wall voids and chimneys, honey bees have the potential to damage the homes we have worked hard to build and maintain.  Problems caused by honey bees include:

Staining caused by melting wax and honey

Infestations of other insects including: ants, beetles, moths, flies

Damages caused by rodents and wildlife such as raccoons and mice, as they search for the food source

Re-infestation if the hive isn’t properly removed

Do not attempt to get rid of honey bees on your own.  If you are successful at eliminating the bees, you must also remember to get rid of the honey bee nest, which a difficult, messy job and one best left to the professionals.  EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions offers professional honey bee removal services.  Not only will we help you get rid of honey bees, our professionals will locate and remove the hive as well as clean-up the mess once it is gone.  For more information on our honey bee removal services in Colorado, please contact us today.

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