In The Battle Against Bed Bugs, Early Detection Is Key

Along the edges of a carpeted room

In clutter on the floor

Most places that harbor these pests are not visible to the naked eye.  The good news is that the nasal receptors of dogs can sniff out the pheromones given off by bed bugs in the best, most concealed hiding places.  What’s more, they are more accurate than experienced pest professional.  Still not convinced, here is your proof:

Canine bed bug inspections are 97% accurate at detecting all stages of a bed bug’s life, adult, nymph and egg; human inspections are only 40-60% accurate at detecting adults only

Canine bed bug inspections can be completed in 2-15 minutes; human inspections typically take 20-60 minutes

Canine bed bug inspections can detect bed bugs inside upholstered furniture, behind baseboards and in clutter; human inspections are limited to visible areas only

Canine bed bug inspections cause no disruption to the property owner; human inspections cause considerable disruption with the unmaking of beds and the moving of furniture and clutter

Dogs have an unbelievable work ethic and are the perfect employee at any professional pest control company and Sprague’s bed bug dogs are no different.  The have successfully helped a variety of different businesses throughout Seattle, Portland and all across the Pacific Northwest including:

Hotels, Motels and Inns

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Movie Theaters

Colleges and Universities

Retail Stores

Day Care Centers

Public Transportation, including taxis and busses

If your customers have complained about small, red bumps on their skin or your employees have noticed dark, blood spots on the mattresses while changing the linens in your facility, do not wait, contact Sprague Pest Solutions today to schedule your accurate bed bug canine inspection.  Once bed bugs are confirmed, we have successfully helped businesses and industries throughout Washington, including Seattle and Tacoma along with Oregon, including Portland, as well as throughout the Pacific Northwest get rid of bed bugs.  Please contact us today!

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