Innovation Is Always In Style At Sprague

Sprague doesn’t like to let trends dictate how we design and execute our clients’ pest management programs. We much prefer to set the innovation edge and be ahead of, rather than behind the curve.

Our recent Innovation in Pest Management Conferences in Portland and Boise did just that. The events featured two days of in-depth presentations and discussions from leading pest management and food safety professionals on what’s next in the daily tasks of protecting our nation’s food supply safe from pests and the potentially harmful diseases they can transmit.

Some of the new dynamics facing food processors include the prospect of having your facility subjected to a U.S. FDA “swabathon” or having to consider that your HVAC system could be an allergen cross-contamination threat.

Attendees perceived the future of the Food Safety Modernization Act with Eric Edmunds of The Acheson Group as he detailed how a “swabathon” and other regulatory mandates could impact the way their food processing, storage, shipping or growing operations were managed and designed. 

A gathering on food safety wouldn’t be complete without discussion of how to combat the #1 problem of a food processing facility, warehouse or mode of transportation – rodents. World renowned rodentologist, Dr. Bobby Corrigan, shared his insights with attendees on how to design and deliver effective rodent management programs in food production facilities both large and small.

Couldn’t make it to Portland or Boise? Keep watching this space for exclusive content, including video interviews with the presenters.


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