Is Your Business Attracting Flies?

Have you noticed flies in and around your establishment?  Are you fed up with the annoying buzz of these pests and fear that they will contaminate your product and deter customers?  Flies are one of the most visible pests to invade restaurants and other commercial facilities that prepare or serve food, and unfortunately enjoy your menu offerings as much as your loyal customers.  As a longtime commercial pest control company serving Portland, Seattle and the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions and now Denver, Colorado, Sprague Pest Solutions understands the threat flies pose and would like to offer advice on how you can make your business less desirable to these unwelcomed guests.  In other words, help you identify their favorite food sources.   

House flies, cluster flies and fruit flies prefer to feed on decaying organic matter.  Larvae usually will grow on or near food sources such as garbage or animal feces, so there is an ample amount to eat as they mature.  Once fully grown, they can feast on sugar, decaying meat, and rotting fruits and vegetables, all of which can be readily available in your restaurant. 

Flies can be extremely difficult to get rid of.  Business owners and managers must encourage employees to be meticulous about sanitation and remember to:

Dispose of any food at the first sign of decay

Keep countertops and floors clean and wiped down regularly

Refrigerate food when it is not being used

Use window and door screens to keep adult flies from entering

Keep drains and drain traps clean

Empty garbage regularly

Clean the outside of your facility

Empty outdoor trash receptacles

Pick up any animal feces

If the sight of flies is driving away your most loyal customers and threatening your company‚Äôs reputation, contact Sprague Pest Solutions for effective fly control services.  Our fly control is the ideal solution for restaurants, bars, school and hospital cafeterias and grocery stores and will not only help you get rid of flies, but help you keep your facilities fly-free in the future.

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