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In Denver, we pride ourselves in performing detailed and complex bird jobs, including exclusion and deterrent work for public transportation, new construction builds and historic buildings in metro areas. We are heavily involved in organic and LEED programs, and we’re dedicated to providing detailed documentation to protect these clients from audits. We love our diversity of business in Colorado and have a knack for large commercial property pest management–from pharmaceutical plants to food producers to distribution warehouses. We also excel at complex buildings and high rises that demand a flexible integrated pest management program.

Our People

We are an eclectic group of individuals. Our team loves to talk about pests and the industry, and we also love to share our hobbies from outdoor adventures, to theater, to motocross and other high-octane sports. Our diversity is our strength, and one of the best ways we relate to each other and the communities we serve. Our office is driven and passionate about serving our team and our clients, where we constantly strive to tackle the hardest 10% of pest control jobs out there.

Denver never misses a chance to celebrate. It is a big part of our culture. We like to congratulate each other whenever someone gets a 10 rating from our clients, a positive testimonial, earns their license or lands a big sale. We decorate a Christmas tree each year in Sprague colors and John dresses up as Santa to hand out secret Santa gift. We also attend a Colorado Rockies game each year. In past years, we have also enjoyed go-karting, bowling, and digital golfing. We look forward to team BBQs throughout the year that build our team spirit and camaraderie.

In the community, we regularly provide education programs for multi-housing partners and tenant-occupied high rises in Boulder and Denver. These sessions focus on pests such as bed bugs and cockroaches. Education helps to reduce the spread of pests and limits reliance on pesticides.

Our team is growing and we are looking for others with an appropriate sense of irreverent humor, hard work ethic, and a willingness to support each other. You also need to have a joy for life in colorful Colorado.

Tips and Recommendations from the Denver Staff

  • Don’t panic. Whatever your pest issue, call our friendly staff before you take action or look online. Many of our customers get false information online that leads to more problems in the end. We are happy to advise even if we don’t provide a service!
  • Exclusion is king. Our local experts are well trained in exclusion practices and can make recommendations to seal your structure to prevent pest entry. Many pests can be prevented or solved by do it yourself methods that are cheap and easy.
  • Educate yourself. We offer educational programs, newsletters, and information on our website that can keep you up to date on pest-related trends and helpful tips.
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