Making Technology Work for Clients

The impact the digital revolution is having on the client/service provider relationship evolves each and every day. It is changing the way companies sell, service and sustain relationships. And the pest management industry is no different.

The advances in data collection, reporting options, and statistical and trend analysis make it easier and more efficient for commercial clients, especially those in the highly-regulated and heavily documented food processing industry, to maintain and access records pertaining to their pest management service programs.

Sprague is busy at work reimagining its client web portal to make it more customizable, easier to navigate and a more valuable asset to your operation. 

A limited version of the new portal is slated to go online later this year with a full rollout scheduled for late first or early second quarter 2017, according to Ari Rogoway, Sprague Pest Solutions’ director of IT and the Sprague Pest Experts resident techie.

Rogoway says the redesigned portal will have a new look and feel to users, and will deliver the following client-friendly features:

1.    A more appealing design, better graphics and increased functionality tools

2.    More flexible and customizable reporting options

3.    Improved client communication features including live chat options

“Our goal is to allow clients to access their information faster and maneuver through the portal easier,” says Rogoway. “There will be more single click features and the portal will be more responsive to mobile device formats.”

The reporting feature, a critical component for food processors, allows clients to set their own pest threshold notification settings and mine the exact data they need and not reams of non-essential information.

“If clients want an email every time a cockroach is found in their facility, they can set it up that way and if they only want to be notified if five cockroaches are found they can do that, too,” says Rogoway. 

The enhanced reporting features will include the ability to produce reports in graph format to better disseminate and display data. 

Rogoway says the new portal will “stack the effects” of technology to expand client communication options and enhance the service experience.

“Sprague is a relationship-based company and in order to grow and sustain those client relationships, we need to offer numerous platforms – face-to-face, email, text, live chat – to share the information,” says Rogoway. “We want our clients to be able to access information and technical expertise when they want it and how they want it.”

If you have questions on how your organization can take advantage of the information and reporting tools the Sprague Pest Solutions’ client portal offers, ask your service specialist.


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