New BrandSmart Service Program Launched

Many years ago, Integrated Pest Management was introduced as an agricultural model. Most of the pest control industry still uses it as a foundation for structural pest services. In the late 1990’s, Sprague stepped ahead with the introduction of Integrated Pest Prevention (IPP). IPP proved to be a smarter, proactive strategy for tackling pest problems. It provided long term protection from risk and worked well for clients wanting more environmentally sensitive pest solutions.

About three years ago, our leadership recognized it was time to take another step forward. We began work on a new service approach that would again set the standard in commercial pest management and prevention services for food handling facilities, restaurants, hotels, health care facilities, grocery stores and a variety of other industries.

Why change a good thing if it’s not broken? Buyers expectations have evolved. In addition to solving pest problems and preventing pest activity, companies look to us to protect their brands. Communication is a priority. Documentation and technical expertise are key factors in their decision to do business with us.

Clients also expect us to help them achieve their own environmental sustainability initiatives. BrandSmart is ideally suited for certified organic or green organizations. It can be customized to satisfy different certification criteria and individualized goals in environmental sensitivity. Each organization has unique, green goals and buyers recognize the role we can play in helping them reach their objectives.

With this in mind, Sprague is proud to introduce BrandSmart Pest Prevention. BrandSmart features our strengths in Pest Prevention, Brand Protection and Environmental Stewardship. Customers have high expectations when it comes to pest management and expect pest-free experiences from businesses. One sighting of a cockroach, rodent or a few flies may drive them away for good. We recognize pest management is critical to the success of many organizations and requires special knowledge and expertise. That’s why we created BrandSmart, an exclusive pest management and prevention program that protects the health, property and reputations of commercial businesses.

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