Outlook 2022 – The Value of Pest Management

Part 2 - The Value of Pest Management

What is the 2022 outlook for pest management services? What can clients expect to happen with their pest control programs in 2022? Will pest pressure increase? Will service methods change? Is there a greater appreciation for the importance of pest management services today?

Sprague’s regional managers – Lance Gray, Shane Hartnett and Jared Wallace who have decades of experience preventing and eliminating pests from an array of commercial accounts across the Western United States – offered their insights into what the 2022 outlook is and what was learned inOutlook 2022 - Sprague Pest Solutions 2021.

In the second of a two-part series, READ PART-ONE OF THE SERIES, we asked our pest experts how they see clients’ pest management programs  changing, what the 2022 outlook is and is there is a greater appreciation for professional pest management services coming out of the pandemic.

Jared Wallace
Regional Manager
Eastern Washington, Idaho, Colorado and Utah

Clients have both a better understanding and appreciation of the value professional pest management services provide. When restaurants had to shut down at the start of the pandemic pest pressure skyrocketed because there was no one there to control them. Pests had free reign. When restaurants reopened and discovered they had a problem, they gained a greater appreciation for the value of our services. They understood that pest control was necessary for them to achieve success in their business.

The other takeaway was that a preventive approach yielded better results, and cost savings, than reacting to pest issues as they happened. Disinfection services also became part of many clients’ programs as they looked to add another layer of protection for employees, customers, students and residents.

Lance Gray
Regional Manager
Oregon, California, Nevada and Arizona

Pest management has become more personal to our field teams and our clients. Clients understand the importance and value of the services and technical expertise a professional can offer. People deserve to eat safe food and live and work in healthier environments and professional pest management services are the gateway to that goal.

Some of our clients got into tough spots during the pandemic and we went to the mat for them. The expectations on both sides are higher because of what’s at stake for business owners and the partnerships have become tighter.

Shane Hartnett
Regional Manager
Washington, Oregon

We will continue to innovate and bring greener solutions to our clients. We will look at pest programs under a microscope and incorporate the latest technology to solve clients pest problems. We will use science to our advantage and live up to our responsibility to be good stewards of the industry and environment.

Clients appear to have a greater appreciation for the value of the services we provide. The disinfection services delivered value to our clients at a time when they needed it the most. It was a service that helped businesses keep their doors open and create a safer work environment for employees and customers.

A preventive approach that includes inspections, monitoring and regular program assessments is where we want all our clients to be. Getting ahead of pest issues leads to long term solutions and cost savings.

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