Pacific Northwest agriculture is growing with Sprague

The passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act and expansion of GFSI and BRC audit programs is having an impact all around the food industry. The agriculture industry is no longer on the outskirts of these regulations. Growers, packers, millers and processors need to be compliant or run the risk of being left on the outside looking in.

What would happen if you were unable to sell your crops to packers or distributors because your operation did not have a verifiable pest management plan in place or was unable to pass a GFSI or BRC audit? Pest management services are more than just another cost of doing business, they are an investment in your operation’s future.

Sprague Pest Solutions is a fourth-generation provider of innovative pest management solutions and programs. We have the know-how, expertise and people to deliver a wide range of pest management services to the agriculture industry.

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