Pest Prevention in Offices

Pests commonly found in offices and lunchrooms include ants, flies, moths, mice and cockroaches. These pests are looking for food, water and shelter. To prevent pests from nesting and spreading, eliminate the attractants in the office. 

Food Practices

  • Food stored in cubicles is a common reason for pest activity in offices.  Do not leave exposed food items overnight in drawers. 

  • Place everything in containers with tight fitting lids, in the refrigerator or take the leftovers home. 

  • Check lunchroom cabinets and refrigerators at least weekly and discard outdated food items. 

  • Dry products like cereal, trail mix, oats, chips, etc. should be stored in sealed plastic containers to avoid mouse and moth damage. 

  • Monitor produce brought in from co-worker’s backyards or gardens for free distribution. Decaying and fermenting fruits and vegetables are perfect breeding areas for flies, especially fruit flies.


  • Remove garbage daily. Keep cubicles clean and organized to prevent pests. 

  • Clean food and beverage spills immediately to avoid ants.   


  • Do not overwater plants as this can lead to fungi growth creating a breeding site for fungus gnats. 

Using over-the-counter solutions to control pests can risk health and safety in your office. Report all pest sightings to your office manager or facilities department. 


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