Portland’s Dan Brady

Dan Brady is one of our top technicians in Portland, OR. He’s getting ready to celebrate his third Sprague anniversary and enjoys spending time with his family.

“I am a daddy full time and I work full time,” he says. “I’m also into music and video games. That’s what I have time for now.” Dan plays the drums and sings but traded the band scene for family time awhile back.

“I used to be in bands but I don’t have time for that now. When the kids go to bed, it’s video game time for me with my wife, of course.”

We asked Dan what he likes about working at Sprague.

“It’s the comradery. We’ve got a good team with the techs that surround my route. I’m able to help them and they’re able to help me. We’re further from the office than other routes so it’s important for us to be able to support each other. I also like the freedom to move things around and create space for my work life and my personal life,” Dan says.

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