Protect Your Facilities and Brand from Ants

Business owners and managers throughout Portland, Seattle and the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions understand that insects and rodents have the ability to damage stock, cause structural damage and will even tarnish a reputation earned by hard work.  Bed bugs, flies and rats are frequently cited as commercial pests but with spring finally here, it is time to start thinking about protecting your facilities from annoying ants. From nuisance pavement ants to damaging carpenter ants, these invading pests tend to arrive along with the warmer weather and may negatively impact your company‚Äôs reputation and brand if left unaddressed. 

At Sprague Pest Solutions we know just how damaging these insects can be and that is why we offer effective commercial ant control in Oregon, Washington, Utah and throughout our coverage area.

The Problem

Although both ants are annoying and tend to infest facilities to seek out food, the carpenter ant is the larger of the two pests and is generally found foraging in and around a structure while pavement ants tend to live in cracks and crevices of pavement and concrete.  Carpenter ants feed on wood and wood by-products found in and around a business as opposed to pavement ants that prefer a diet of honeydew, insects, sweets, fruit and even greasy foods.   Of the two species, carpenter ants are the more destructive pest and will feed on the structure of your facility as well as items contained within and have the ability to cause severe and extensive damage.  Pavement ants, on the other hand do not cause structural damage to your facilities, but they are a common ant to infest commercial facilities especially where food is found. Not only annoying, the small black- brown ants may create an eye-sore and discourage customers.  

The Solution To Your Ant Infestation

Sprague Pest Solutions we are ready to help you get rid of ants.  Our Tri-annual treatments are the perfect solution for businesses worried about ants. Typically performed in the spring, summer and fall months and the strategies we use will not only keep ants away, they will help keep many other crawling insects out of your business as well!

To find out more about our commercial pest control for ants and other insects, please contact us today.  Designed to help companies in Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City as well as in many locations throughout Washington, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Montana, Sprague Pest Solutions is will partner with your company to resolve ants and other pest infestations.