Reduce Risk and Save Time With Sprague Online Logbook

What food processing, transportation or distribution facility or QA manager doesn’t want to improve their operation’s efficiencies and reduce risk? With an increased emphasis on food safety and stricter and more comprehensive third-party audits taking place, food industry professionals need to take advantage of every tool available.

The Sprague Pest Experts have introduced their Online Logbook audit compliance tool that will assist food industry clients prepare for and pass critical third-party audits. A complete online option for audit compliance, the Sprague Online Logbook reduces a facility’s risk by eliminating redundant data, ensuring there are no missing SDS, labels, licenses and Certificate of Insurance.

When auditors arrive there will no hunting for files or guesswork involved – all your audited records from the last 12-months will be housed in a single, secure, restricted-access location that is easy to get to when you need it most.

The Sprague Online Logbook also offers clients the following benefits and advantages when preparing for an audit:

Intuitive Reports and Graphs – Simple to find and easy to run. Conditions with comments, pest trending by specific pest and group of pests. Service records with pest activity, device inspections and material applications all in one place.

Easy To Use – No Filters, Exporting or Auditor Digging – Using the system is easy. Log on one-time and select your pest, pick your date and select your device type and the information is available. There is no exporting data, looking for extra comments or old data (beyond 12 months) clouding the search – you and your auditor get exactly what is needed.

Confidence With Automatic Updates – Your facility’s service records, pest trending data, Safety Data Sheets and labels, licensing and training records are updated automatically when Sprague’s service technicians sync their service reports.

There is no charge to activate the system and training is available to help client’s learn how to take advantage of this useful, time-saving technology. Contact Sprague to get started.

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