Reducing the Mosquito Risk

There hasn’t been a pest in recent years that has garnered as much attention as the mosquito and the potential public health threats it presents. From Zika and West Nile virus to encephalitis, mosquito-borne threats are very real for consumers and that includes commercial accounts.

Dr. Jim Fredericks, chief entomologist and vice president of technical and regulatory affairs for the National Pest Management Association, recently authored an article in Facility Executive magazine that outlined the threat mosquitoes pose to commercial facilities and offered tips to facility managers on how to lessen the likelihood of a mosquito infestation around their facility.

“Facility executives are responsible for the well-being of many people and have expansive and complex properties to maintain, which could be harboring potential mosquito breeding sites,” said Frederick in the article. “Therefore, it’s imperative for managers to take proper precautions now to help curb biting mosquito populations on their properties.”

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