Resolving To Make Your Commercial Property Pest-Free

For QA, property and facility managers, however, resolving to keep their commercial properties pest-free is serious business.

New Years’ resolutions are a fickle beast. Even the best intended resolutions can fall by the wayside once Valentine’s Day rolls around.

For QA, property and facility managers, however, resolving to keep their commercial properties pest-free is serious business. Pests in a commercial kitchen, dry product storage area of food processing plant or in a 100-unit apartment building are not only a nuisance but can threaten the health of consumers, employees and residents.

What resolutions do QA, property and facility managers need to make to improve the effectiveness of their pest management programs in 2021?

Bobbie Orr, B.C.E., regional entomologist for Sprague Pest Solutions, says the first resolution clients need to make is to maximize the value of their relationship with their pest management service provider.

“Your pest management service provider is your partner in success on many levels,” says Orr. “QA, property and facility managers shouldn’t hesitate to tap into the technical expertise, training and education services and technology pest professionals offer.”

Resolving to maximize the value of your pest management program also includes:

  • Using Pest Trend Data Regularly – Study the pest trend data reports that are available to prepare for seasonal changes that could lead to increased pest pressure and adjustments to your programs.
  • Take Advantage of Technology – Sprague’s proprietary e-logbook gives clients pest trend data, service reports, assessments and a wealth of valuable information about their pest programs at the touch of a fingertip.
  • Get Out and See What’s Going On – Regularly walk the interior and exterior of your property with your service technician to see what’s going when it comes to pests and pest conducive conditions. Ask questions, go over details and learn why fixing that door sweep or educating residents on how to spot bed bugs is important.
  • Train and Educate – Sprague’s commitment to technical excellence is founded in training and education. Our technical team can provide in-depth, in-person or virtual training for your employees that will improve the effectiveness of your pest management programs.
  • Continuous Improvement – Strive to continually improve the performance of your pest management, sanitation, cleaning, maintenance and training programs. Be proactive, not reactive.

For more information on how Sprague Pest Solutions can assist you create and deliver effective pest management programs in your commercial property, call 855.805.0755.

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