Safety, the environment and people first

In Utah, we are the experts at providing real solutions to real problems while putting safety, the environment and people first. We give our clients our passion and provide a cutting-edge approach to pest control that puts every client at ease.

We can take on any problem that is given to us. We are willing to tackle the hardest 10 percent of problems that most pest companies will not take. We are proud to be a family operated business and this shines through with every interaction that we have together.

Food production is our wheel house. We also specialize in fumigating structures, rail cars and trailers. Through exclusion and trapping services, we also solve clients’ bird control problems. One strategy we use is to serve our clients with the Power of Three, so they always have more than one technician that can solve a challenge and a team that can work together seamlessly.

Our People

We work for fun. We all play in different ways. Many of us serve in our local churches. We are Sunday School teachers, leaders, home teachers, and football, softball and baseball coaches for young kids in our community. We also serve in scouting. On Tuesdays, our dart team gets together just to have fun. We love to be with our families, watching our kids play sports, dance and anything else they are doing.

Our “Salt Lake City State of Mind”

The team in Salt Lake is a family. We are an open communicators and love to work together and spend time together. We believe in and trust each other. Each of us are being developed into a bigger and better version of themselves. Sprague SLC wants every team member to find success with our clients and in our personal lives and when that happens, we celebrate.

Success is earned and achieved with the help and success of the team. Nothing comes free in life. This mentality gives us reason to celebrate and we do that by breaking bread. When we sit together for meals, we talk shop and get to know each other individually. We are one!

Why Do We Like Working at Sprague? Glad You Asked.

“The reason why I love working here is because I get to be a part of something bigger than me. The clients that we serve daily touch a part of everyone’s lives – from the food we eat with our children to the hospitals and clinics the community relies on for medical needs. Even the packing that is used for food is protected by the work of our service team. We get to be a part of it all.”

Lindsey Marker, Salt Lake City Branch Manager

“I love my team and that I can count on everyone. It’s the best place I’ve worked and it feels like fun more than a job most days.”

Christopher Talley, Technician (a.k.a. Raccoon Slayer)

“In Salt Lake City, we are proud of our team’s ability to take on any pest problem in the commercial industry. We live for the challenges that other companies won’t do.”

Juan Lopez, Technician

Team Member News