Sniffing Out the Cockroach Threat

Cockroaches can spread harmful diseases and trigger allergens that can sometimes result in asthma symptoms, especially in children. Simply put, cockroaches are bad news for any commercial facility.

Cockroaches enter a facility several different ways: through cracks or crevices in the building or in shipments received by the facility. During warm weather, cockroaches migrate from building to building in search of food and harborage.

Cockroaches spend a lot of time in dumpsters and sewers picking up pathogenic organisms (including E. coli and salmonella) and transmitting them to food preparation surfaces, equipment, and unprocessed and processed food items.

When cockroaches enter a facility, they seek warm, humid places to hide. They can be found in equipment (i.e. mixers, milkshake machines, dishwashers, etc.), underneath sinks, inside drains, in closets and above drop ceiling panels, and in ingredient/product storage rooms, just to name a few.

These nocturnal insects are often seen darting away from bright lights at night, eating pretty much anything with nutritional value.

Failing to prevent and/or control cockroaches in a food processing, transportation, storage or service facility almost certainly will to lead to a failing audit score. This can lead to product recalls, fines or, in extreme cases, closure of the facility until conditions improve.

In the right conditions, a pair of cockroaches can produce up to 400,000 descendants in a year. Their ability to multiply rapidly means a cockroach infestation needs to be addressed quickly before it gets quickly out of control.

The best way to avoid a cockroach problem is to prevent the conditions that attract them in the first place.

Sprague Pest Solutions offers the following tips to prevent cockroaches from accessing your facility:



  1. Regular sanitation is a must. A lapse in your sanitation efforts can create an environment that attracts cockroaches.
  2. Schedule time to regularly deep clean all appliances and equipment — the cleaner the environment, the less chance cockroaches will be attracted.
  3. Have the exterior dumpster garbage removed from the premises every couple of days. In warmer weather, make sure the trash is removed daily.
  4. Create a barrier of at least 18 inches with crushed rock or gravel around your facility. This can eliminate the harborage areas for pests, including cockroaches.