Sprague Celebrates Super Meeting & 9th Annual Awards Gala

TACOMA, Wash. – February 20, 2024 – Sprague Pest Solutions, the largest family-owned, commercial-only pest management company in the Western United States, held its Super Meeting & 9th Annual Awards Gala on February 14-15, 2024 at the Silver Cloud Point Ruston hotel in Tacoma, WA. This annual event convened nearly two-hundred team members from all levels of the organization to celebrate the previous year’s achievements and strategize for the year ahead.  

The Super Meeting & Awards Gala is an enduring Sprague tradition that emphasizes the company’s commitment to excellence, unity, and community engagement. This year’s keynote speaker was TEDx presenter Corrine Hancock, who shared strategies for thriving in chaotic environments, emphasizing resilience and adaptability — qualities that Sprague embodies in its approach to pest management. Also in attendance were Sprague’s partners who donated over $100K to the event’s success. 

In alignment with the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the Awards Gala dinner theme, #INFESTEDWITHGRATITUDE, encouraged attendees to don pink or red attire. Sprague pledged donations to select charities for each guest participating, including United Way, Intermountain Foundation, Feeding America, and the Pest Management Foundation, further cementing its bond with the communities it serves. 

Highlighting the evening was the award ceremony, celebrating the individuals and teams who have exemplified leadership, innovation, and dedication to excellence: 

  • Branch of the Year: Pasco, WA 
  • Bob Treleven Technician of the Year: Jeremy Hundley, BCE / Portland, OR 
  • Jeffrey Miller Operations Champion: Mike Wilding / Idaho Falls, ID 
  • Bernadette Treleven Top Administrator of the Year: Mary Whitman / Denver, CO 
  • Alfred H. Treleven Home Office Champion: Martha Branch / Home Office 
  • Lawrence R. Treleven Salesperson of the Year: Gary Jennings / Marysville, WA 
  • Sales Executive’s Club: Mike Wall / Tacoma, WA 
  • Sales President’s Club: Chris Olson / Phoenix, AZ 
  • Sales President’s Club: Marcus Munoz / Portland, OR 
  • Sales Chairman’s Club: Dave Nettles / Sacramento, CA 
  • Sales Chairman’s Club: Gary Jennings / Maryville, WA 
  • Sales Chairman’s Club: Geoff Wiebe / National Accounts 
  • Sales Chairman’s Club: Riley Dodson / Pasco, WA 
  • Sales Chairman’s Club: Stephen Lipp / Tacoma, WA 

Ross Treleven, President of Sprague, expressed his gratitude, “This annual gathering is a cornerstone of our company culture, highlighting the achievements of our team and reinforcing our collective mission. The dedication and innovation displayed by our team members are what propels us forward, and it’s an honor to celebrate these successes together. As we look to the year ahead, we’re inspired to continue setting the standard for excellence in pest management, always mindful of our responsibility to our clients, communities, and the environment.” 

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