Sprague Expands Service Map

Within our six-state service area are some of the world’s most valuable and high-producing growing regions, as well as production and storage facilities for some of the most recognizable names in the food industry. The crops that are grown, stored, processed and shipped from these regions feed people around the globe, generating need for a progressive pest management and food safety partner.

From container and commodity fumigation to risk assessments and employee training to pest exclusion and elimination programs, Sprague offers a broad array of services designed to keep commercial facilities, especially those involved in food processing, pest-free, audit-ready and compliant.

Sprague Service Area Facts

  • 61 million – The number of people that live in Sprague’s six state service area.
  • 7,325 – Food and beverage manufacturing plants located within the six states that Sprague services.
  • 4,514 – California is home to the most food and beverage manufacturing plants in the United States.

How the other states in Sprague’s service area rank:

  • 1,030 – Washington State 

  • 728 – Oregon

  • 540 – Colorado

  • 302 – Utah 

  • 238 – Idaho

USD47 million – The total receipts for agricultural commodities for the state of California – tops in the United States.

Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture


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