Sprague Pest Solutions’ COVID-19 Statement

March 18, 2020

As the COVID-19 situation has continued to evolve rapidly, we would like to share our updated risk mitigation policies. Pest management is being declared widely as an essential Public Health safety service. We are working diligently to ensure service availability in every community we serve while taking steps to protect you, ourselves, and the world community. The following policies are in place:

  • Sprague staff will be utilizing a daily health self-assessment before starting our first stop each day.
  • We will be minimizing physical interaction of our team and our customers. We will all maintain the CDC recommended 6 feet of distance between themselves and the general public whenever possible.
  • We will no longer request signature for services rendered. Instead, we will verbally confirm with the customer upon completion of service and write in the contact’s name. Our support teams are working remotely whenever possible while maintaining a high degree of accessibility for our field teams and customers.
  • Given the recommendations for social distancing and the limits placed on public gatherings, we have decided to postpone all of our customer events until the fall.
  • All meetings, trainings, and events will be postponed or conducted via webinar, online training or video conference.
  • All Sprague employees will continue to follow the CDC guidelines for transmission risk mitigation, we have created risk mitigation videos for our coworkers to assist in our adherence.
  • Although we have had no confirmed cases within our organization, employees who are symptomatic are being instructed to stay home for the CDC recommended time periods.
  • Sprague’s leadership team is actively monitoring all updates and will revise our safety plan as necessary to ensure up-to-the-minute best practices are being followed.


Should your organization require specific additional steps or protocol documents please let your technician know. We will work to expedite customer requests through our team to meet your needs.

We are committed to work with our team, customers, and the communities we serve to provide essential services during these unprecedented times. Please let me know if there are any other ways our team can help.

Thank you,

Alfred Treleven III

President, CEO



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