Sprague Pest Solutions Offers Critical Disinfection Services for Commercial Facilities for COVID-19 Control

Sprague Pest Solutions announces that it now offers critical disinfection services to commercial clients in the seven states it services in the western United States to help combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Protecting the integrity of the region’s food supply chain and the employees who are working on the front lines in essential food processing, distribution, storage, transportation and retail facilities is paramount as the virus spreads.

The disinfection service can be performed in a wide range of commercial venues including warehouses, distribution facilities, food processing facilities, schools, office buildings, gyms and public buildings.

The service, which will compliment and add to the “stacking effect” of a facility’s existing pest management, food safety and cleaning and sanitation programs, will contribute to protecting clients’ facilities, employees, and the public from harmful viruses, including human Coronaviruses, bacteria and mold.

Sprague’s licensed technicians will disinfect facilities using U.S. EPA and FDA registered disinfectants that deliver not only high levels of hygiene but peace of mind for business owners and their customers.

The disinfectant will be applied by spraying, foaming or wiping with a cloth and is capable of disinfecting key touch point surfaces including handrails, doorknobs, food prep surfaces, floors and shopping carts with minimal disruption to business operations.

“Our goal at Sprague has always been to work with our clients and communities to provide innovative approaches to achieve safer food and protect the environments in which we all live and work,” says Jeff Weier, Technical Director for Sprague. “Our disinfection services will complement our existing efforts and provide an added measure of protection.”

For more information on Sprague’s disinfection services, visit spraguepest.com/commercial-disinfecting

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