Sprague Spotlight Webinar Series – Innovation in Pest Management and Food Safety

Sprague Webinar Series


Please Join us for Sprague’s bi-monthly webinar series to hear from industry experts presenting on the latest in food safety and innovations in pest management.

Session 1: Audit Compliance Presented by AIB: Evaluating Your IPM Program

Audits play a key role in verifying that proper food safety and pest management practices are in place and working in food and beverage processing facilities. A poor or failed audit can have significant financial and operational repercussions for your brand image, your ability to sell products, your budget and you. Being audit ready and compliant is essential. In this webinar we will cover the latest in third party auditing trends, IPM evaluation strategies to maximize performance, and employee training best practices to enhance your audit preparation protocols.

July 8, 2020 10 AM PST


Judi Lazaro, Sr. Category Director, Food Safety, AIB International

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Session 2: Roof Rats: Guidance From The Experts To Overcome The Challenge

The roof rat is becoming increasingly prevalently in a wide range of commercial facilities. This elusive rat prefers to stay hidden, high in facility structures, making it extremely difficult to effectively respond and treat. This webinar will cover roof rat biology including habitats and traits as well as proven methods and technologies designed to enhance your rodent management programs.

July 22, 2020 – 10 AM PST


Dr. Bobby Corrigan, Urban Rodentologist, RMC Pest Management Consulting

Jeff Weier, BCE, Technical Director, Sprague Pest Solutions

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Session 3: Mitigating The Threat Of Invasive Birds

Birds are unique problem in commercial properties because they can easily navigate between facilities that are miles apart and deliver pathogens in their droppings that contain harmful bacteria including listeria, E. coli and salmonella. In the past invasive bird control was often overlooked or a minor element when it came to third-party audits and government inspections but that is not the case anymore. Closer scrutiny and increased demand to safely steward food and packaging materials from farm to table, makes mitigating the threat of invasive birds essential. This webinar will cover current trends in bird management, how to evaluate your facility for bird risk and recommendations to improve your exclusion program.

August 5, 2020 – 10 AM PST 


Keith Rowney, Bird Specialist, Sprague Pest Solutions

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Session 4: Innovations in Pest Management: Technological Advancements to Improve Your Pest Management and Food Safety Programs

Technology is changing the way pest management professionals engage and deliver services to their commercial clients. The challenge is trying to determine which of the myriad of technology solutions that are now available is correct for your facility, what factors will impact its performance and what will the investment in both financial resources, training and human capital be to achieve the desired results? In this webinar we will deep dive into the technologies available and determine their effectiveness to meet your required results.

August 19, 2020 – 10 AM PST


AJ Treleven, ACE, Regional Manager, Sprague Pest Solutions

Kolbin Bertilson, ACE, Denver Branch Manager, Sprague Pest Solutions

Chris Van Antwerp, Tri-Cities Branch Manager, Sprague Pest Solutions

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