Summer Pests Can Really Annoy In Commercial Facilities

For businesses in Seattle, Tacoma and throughout Washington and the Pacific Northwest, summer typically means an influx in business; unfortunately, it also means an increase in summertime pests, such as cockroaches, ants, stinging insects and fruit flies.  Sprague Pest Solutions, a longtime commercial pest control company would like to offer business owners and managers some helpful tips, which will help keep your facilities pest free for the remainder of the summer.

Get Rid Of Summer Pests

In commercial kitchens, keep food stored in durable, air-tight containers

Immediately dispose of any fruits or vegetables that may have become overripe

Keep sinks and drains free of any food debris

Clean spills and crumbs immediately from countertops, floors and picnic tables

Take trash out daily and keep it tightly sealed in outdoor containers

Do not keep empty cardboard boxes lying around

Fix any leaky pipes, faucets and air conditioning units, both indoors and out

Inspect your building regularly for the formation of “bee’s nests”

Keep your lawn trimmed regularly

Keep branches and shrubs trimmed back away from your business

Have any landscape mulch replaced regularly around your facility

Summer pests usually invade in large numbers and can be extremely difficult to eliminate, but with a little diligence your commercial facility can be free of unwelcomed pests.  However, if your attempts to keep pests out of your facilities fail, Sprague Pest Solutions is ready to help.  Our BrandSmart Pest Prevention program will not only help you get rid of cockroaches, flies, ants and many other common invaders, it will help you prevent any future infestations as well.  If you own or manage a business in Seattle, Boise, Portland or elsewhere throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain region, please contact us today for more information.

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