Tacoma Sales Veteran Ray Mannello Quoted | The Seven Keys on Effective Business to-Business Appointment Setting, by Andrea Sittig-Rolf

Tacoma sales veteran Ray Mannello was quoted in Andrea Sittig-Rolf’s book published in 2006, The Seven Keys on Effective Business to-Business Appointment Setting. Andrea Sittig-Rolf, President and Founder of Sittig Incorporated is an entrepreneur, author and sales trainer, speaker and workshop leader.

Here’s an excerpt:

[Ray was] looking at a year-end report for a major national company and saw the chief executive officer’s name and decided to call. He got right through to the chief executive officer and had a nice conversation. His lesson learned from this was that sometimes you just have to make the call right then and there rather than putting it off. He also has some great suggestions when prospects say they are happy with who they’re currently using or not interested in meeting. To these objections, Ray says, “I understand our position, and what I’ve found is that when leaders in your industry such as yourself allow me to come in and meet in person, we can provide at least three options: 1) Validate the current service you have in place. 2) Show you other options that may enhance your current service. These might be options your current provider does not have the capability to provide or options not in their portfolio. 3) Finally, we may show you that there is more value to be had by making a change. You win in all three cases, because you have validated your choices.


Way to go Ray!

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