Tacoma’s Bob Ruden

Bob Ruden has been around the world twice and speaks two languages.

“You would think I had seen everything, until I started working at Sprague. The things people come up with never ceases to amaze me,” Bob says.

“If someone says they have a problem, they probably do have a problem. It might not be what they think it is, but they do have a problem. We’re going to get to the bottom of the situation and figure it out.”

Bob’s tenacity has served him well in his 21-year career at Sprague. Bob is a longtime technician and likes a lot of things about his work here.

“I like making sure people have safe food, helping them with their problems and making sure they don’t have pests. I got a call recently for “ladybug-looking bugs” and they turned out to be stored food pest beetles that had infested a couple cereal boxes in an employee breakroom. It was an easy solution and I liked being able to help.”

“Sprague gives me to leeway to take care of my clients. I like working for a company that will support me. If I can’t come up with a solution, I know that there are many places here where I can get the answer I’m looking for or get the materials I need. I know I can walk into any situation or pest problem and come out with an answer.”

Bob takes it easy in his free time and enjoys spending time with his family. He plays with his grandkids and occasionally, sings karaoke with his girlfriend.

“You meet so many different people in this job. And it’s not bad that they give me a brand-new truck to drive around. It’s not my corvette, but it’s pretty nice.”

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