The End Of Summer Does Not Mean The End Of Pests

Solutions would like to offer a few tips to help you keep your fall events pest free. 

To Reduce Mosquitoes

The key to reducing the number of mosquitoes in your backyard is to eliminate any sources of water, so prior to your outdoor event, homeowners should inspect their yards and remember to:

Eliminate ALL areas of standing water including buckets, old tires and unused flower pots

Replace or empty water in bird baths and wading pools

Turn over canoes, kayaks and wheel barrows

Clear gutters of any debris

Make sure drainage ditches are clean and free flowing

Avoid Painful Stings

Yellow jackets, wasps and a variety of other stinging insects are the most dangerous and aggressive insects to drop by any backyard event.  Not only can they terrify the bravest of men, they can pack a painful, potentially dangerous sting.  To avoid attracting stinging insects to your barbeque, please:

Inspect your yard for any “bee’s” nests prior to your event

Keep food indoors until it is ready to be served and clean up immediately after eating

Keep garbage cans covered and at least 20 feet away from the festivities

Avoid sweet smelling shampoos, hairsprays or other personal care products

Avoid wearing brightly colored, floral printed clothing

EnviroPest By Sprague offers residential pest control in the Denver metro area that is designed to keep your home free of insects and rodents all year long, not just summertime.  For more information on our home pest control in Denver, Boulder and elsewhere in Colorado, please contact us today.

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