The most Northwest, literally

From our home base in Everett, WA, we service everything from food processing plants to fast food restaurants and even one of the biggest commercial airplane manufacturers in the world.

We also take care of quite a few berry-growing operations. Did you know that in Whatcom County alone, they grow 94% of the United States’ berries?

Our People

What do our Everett, WA folks do for fun? The Everett Silvertips Hockey team plays less than a mile from our office. We enjoy visiting the beautiful Deception Pass in Oak Harbor, WA and the local Blue Fox Drive-In Movie Theater. The shores of Mukilteo, WA are peaceful and enjoyable or you can get dirty on the dirt bike and 4-wheeling trails of Arlington and Sedro Wooley. Our Everett team also enjoys competing at Whirly Ball in Edmonds, WA and playing along the shores of the Skagit River in Concrete, WA.

Why Do We Love Sprague?

“I love the ability to experience new places especially when being able to fill in or do on-call work. When helping other techs with their routes, it is a lot of fun. You get to see how someone else might do what you do, but in a different way as well as learn from it. Not to mention offering fresh ideas to help along a client or a site that might have been having difficulties beforehand. Helping people is what I love about this job, it doesn’t matter if they are a client or if they are a co-worker.” – Alicia Elder, Pest Prevention Specialist

“We have some unbelievable people who are dedicated to their jobs and helping the community. Plus, there’s the beautiful scenery surrounded by Cascades and the Puget Sound.” – Shane Hartnett, Branch Manager

“Our team is made up of very intelligent and friendly people that are always willing to help each other out when asked. The longer each person has worked for Sprague, the more pest control knowledge they have to share with others.” – Chris Kerley, Pest Prevention Specialist

“There is a real sense of teamwork here at the Everett branch. Katelyn Gilman, our CSR, is indispensable. She is always ready and willing to help, as are all the technicians, operations managers and sales people when the need arises. And believe me, the need does arrive quite often. Our operations team works in sync with each other to provide quality service to our customers and timely back up to one another to ensure that the job is completed on time. “ – Pat Shearer, Sales Manager

The Everett Team’s Staff Picks

“I think what makes Everett special is the location. We have lots of wonderful places to eat nearby like Kama’aina Grindstone, a Hawaiian Asian fusion restaurant. You have the stadium of both the Aquasox and the rink where the Silvertips play! Plus, some of the sites we service are breathtakingly beautiful. You learn a lot from talking to people too.” – Alicia Elder, Pest Prevention Specialist

“Anthony’s in Kirkland has a great view over Lake Washington if you are looking for good food and a good view too.” – Jared Hoffer, Pest Prevent Specialist

“The Depot Café has become a local hotspot for the Everett Office. They have the best Brisket sandwich you will ever try.” – Bill Jordan

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