Top Three Reasons for Food Recalls

In the first week of 2017 the U.S. FDA issued recalls for an array of products from croissants and chicken Caesar wraps to canned cat food. Recalls are an issue the food industry has dealt with for years and they are costly to a company’s brand and bottom line but also pose a threat to consumers buying and using those products.

With the FDA having expanded powers under the Food Safety Modernization Act to recall, fine or even shutdown a facility, the number of recalls is expected to rise.

 A recent article outlined the top three reasons behind food recalls and they are:

  1. Cross Contamination
  2. Pathogens
  3. Physical Contamination

The article included tried and true suggestions for eliminating risks including establishing and carrying out good sanitation protocols, consistent employee training on ingredient usage, and improved equipment design and cleaning procedures.

Under the Pathogens section the article stated the most effective method for preventing a pathogen outbreak was to implement “hygienic manufacturing practices.” On the pathogen prevention list was – no surprise here – pest management.

The article recommended food processors:

Implement pest-control techniques. Rats, flies and cockroaches are significant carriers of Listeria, Salmonella, Vibrio cholera and other bacteria. Effective pest-control techniques include disposing of garbage properly, sealing pest entry points, and using air curtains and screens to keep flies out.”

The Sprague Pest Experts couldn’t agree more. Sprague has proven, field-tested strategies for creating a pest-free zone in and around commercial facilities that protect your products, employees and customers from the threat disease-laden pests present.

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