Turning the Tables on Commercial Rodent Management

Rodent management is an essential function for many food processing, distribution and storage facilities. Protecting unprocessed and processed food from disease-laden rodents is a top priority for quality assurance and plant managers. 

Food processing and storage facilities that are inspected by the U.S. FDA and USDA, however, have tight restrictions on rodenticide usage inside facilities that pest management providers and clients must adhere to.

Sprague’s resident rodent expert, Technical Director Jeff Weier, has spent a career solving clients’ tough rodent issues. From grocery stores to breweries to seafood processing plants, Weier has designed and implemented rodent management programs that not only need to be effective but must conform to strict product usage regulations.

Weier recently was interviewed by Pest Control Technology magazine on how his approach to designing rodent programs for commercial facilities has evolved based on regulatory requirements and client mandates.

Read the informative article and see how Sprague’s approach to rodent management helps  facilities remain rodent-free.

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