Under Repair: The Seattle Tunnel Project

Remember when Big Bertha, the 57 foot , 4 inch giant cutting tool, was slicing the new Highway 99 tunnel underneath downtown Seattle and poised to stir up the area’s well-entrenched rodent population? Well ever since Bertha’s progress came to a grinding – excuse the pun – halt in December 2013 when it hit a groundwater research pipe people have wondered, “Are Sven the Rat and his friends in the clear?”


The answer to that is no. Now that Bertha has made the long journey up from its access pit for repairs, the project’s completion date has been pushed back to August 2017. Combine that ongoing activity with other nearby construction projects and you can expect Seattle’s rodents to continue to be on the move.


Sprague Pest Experts are encouraging Seattle businesses and property managers to remain vigilant in their rodent prevention efforts by sealing up possible rodent access points and maintaining good sanitation protocols. If necessary, call our rodent experts for help with implementing solutions to rats and mice.

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