Where flies hide in your commercial kitchen

Well, it’s summer. Our fly problems are persistent and will remain so through the end of the season.


Simply catching the adult flies will not correct your infestation. You have to find and eliminate the fly larvae.


If you’ve got a case of the flies, don’t give up – start a game of hide and seek. Wondering where in your sparkly clean kitchen these flies may be hiding?


Some very common and oft-overlooked breeding sites are:



  • Hidden floor drains. Damp, collecting dirt and food residue, and undisturbed, the buildup inside the drain is a fly’s dream home.


  • Pop syrup lines. A wonderful breeding site full of delicious sugary syrup. Unlimited food for the larvae.


  • Beer tap drain pipes. It appears flies enjoy beer almost as much as humans do. Beer tap drain pipes tend towards buildup.



If you find a slimy, gooey mass in any of these places, clean it. It very well may be a breeding site even if pupae and larvae are not immediately visible.


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