Why A Career in Pest Control?

Pest Control is One of the Most Durable and Resilient Industries You Could Work In

Did you know professional pest control is one of the most durable and resilient industries you can have a career in? It’s true. Workers are always in high demand and the industry is largely recession-proof. Pests will always persist and be problematic, so there will always be an incredible need to protect against them.

According to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of pest control workers is projected to grow 10 percent from 2020 to 2030 — faster than the average for all other trade and skilled work occupations estimated at 4 percent. There are many career opportunities and great demand for a you to join the industry.

“We learned over the past two years that pest control services were essential,” said Leila Starwich PHR, SHRM-CP, Sprague’s director of people operations. “Businesses need pest control services to keep their doors open and that means the demand for talented professionals to provide those vital services is high.”

Make A Difference In Your Job

If you are looking for a job opportunity that will allow you to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives while also offering you an exciting and dynamic career path, balance and flexibility, benefits and great earning potential, Sprague and the pest control industry is the place for you.

A big misconception people may have about working in pest control is that it is solely a bug business. Yes, there are certainly pests to protect against but pest control at its core is truly a people business and you are their problem solver. In fact, the industry is continually adapting and embracing exciting new technologies to identify, monitor and provide solutions for customers. You’ll also have the chance to work indoors or outdoors with different challenges each day, so you’ll never be bored on the job.

Public Health Protectors

The work pest control professionals do impacts millions of lives every day, making them healthier and happier. In fact, public health officials attribute the quality of life we enjoy to three things:

  1. Better sanitation
  2. Better pharmaceuticals and medicine
  3. Better pest control

Pest professionals also help protect people’s biggest investments — their homes and businesses from structural and damage issues caused by pests.

“People deserve to eat safer food and live and work in healthier environments and when you to take a position in pest control, you have the chance to make that happen every day,” said Starwich.

Job Opportunities

One of the greatest benefits of entering the industry, particularly at the route manager level, is the opportunity to receive extensive on-the-job and classroom training and be paid for it. Sprague provides paid training and covers the costs for licenses and any special designations that are required for your job. The company also has a comprehensive internal training program and resources to ensure you are prepared for anything and help you advance your career in this dynamic industry.

The pest management industry offers an array of career opportunities allowing you to explore positions that provide a positive work-life balance and room to grow and advance quickly in your career. No matter what your professional background is, pest control offers opportunity.

As a fourth-generation, family-owned company, Sprague encourages (and prefers) advancement from within. The company has an extensive Leadership Development Program available to employees that fuels career growth opportunities.

What types of jobs are available in pest control? There are positions to fit a variety of personalities, interests, and skillsets including:

  • Route manager
  • Client service representative
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Administrative
  • Sales
  • Technical specialist
  • Operations manager
  • Branch manager

Discover The Sprague Difference

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