Worried About Insects And Rodents Damaging Your Company’s Reputation?

It doesn’t matter if you own a bar, outdoor café or a five-star restaurant, one pest sighting has the ability to damage the most pristine reputation, drive away loyal customers and certainly deter new ones from visiting.  In Seattle, Tacoma and all across Washington and the Pacific Northwest, unwelcome insects and rodents can cause major headaches for business owners and managers as they enter commercial facilities.   If you are worried about insects and rodents ruining your company’s reputation Sprague Pest Solutions, is ready to help your business achieve and maintain a pest free environment.

Any establishment that prepares and serves food must be free ants, flies, and roaches as well as mice, rats and other pests. Left unaddressed insects and rodents may deposit bacteria and germs from their feet and bodies onto food and food prep areas they come in contact with.  Sprague understands that an infestation of these pests can spell trouble for any business; jeopardizing the health and well-being of customers and creating unsanitary working conditions for your employees as well as significantly reducing your bottom line!

A proactive approach is the ideal way to protect your employees and patrons as well as your facilities.  Emptying trash daily, properly storing food, and keeping all areas clean will help deter pest activity as will implementing a pest management program like Sprague’s BrandSmart Pest Prevention.  Unlike any others on the market, our commercial pest control not only focuses on pest prevention and brand protection, but utilizes methods that are environmentally sensitive. 

For commercial pest control that resolves insect and rodent infestations contact Sprague Pest Solutions.   Available in Seattle, Boise, Portland, and throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions and now Denver, Colorado, we are ready to be your trusted pest management company!

Rodents: Rats & Mice